Weekly food deliveries for people in need and/or self-isolating

Form for food parcels

AngieThe Botley Community Fridge is providing weekly food deliveries to anyone self-isolating and/or in need. The parcels are partly fresh food and partly non-perishables (pasta, tins etc.).

The food is surplus from wholesalers but still in date.  The food is free to anyone in need (self-identified).  We are receiving grants for petrol money, so please do not feel obliged to pay, or let the cost hold you back from receiving parcels.

If you live near Blackbird Leys, we suggest that you sign up for the Leys larder by going to the Blackbird Leys community centre OX4 6HW on a Wednesday 3-5pm. If you live near Barton, there is a similar system at the Barton community centre on Underhill Circus OX3 9LS.

This is only for the duration of the coronavirus emergency.

If you would like a food parcel – either weekly or a more urgent on-off parcel –  please fill in this form, and we’ll get back to you with information about deliveries etc.