Botley community fridge

The Botley community fridge is a small fridge with a big heart.  Anyone can put food into it, and anyone can take food out.  Its main aim is to reduce food waste.  The shelving next to it holds nonperishables, and its main aim is to feed people in need.

Fridge openChurch of St. Peter & St. Paul, 81 West Way, Botley OX2 9JY

Mon-Sat 10am-4pm
Sun 11am-4pm
Priority for people in need

Individuals can put in fruit, vegetables, bread/pastry and non-perishables.  Registered food businesses can also put in cooked food.  No raw meat/fish, eggs, cooked rice, or food past its ‘use by’ date please!  Good quality food past its ‘best before’ date is fine.

Due to coronavirus, some additional rules are in place:

  • Please do not come near the fridge if you have coronavirus symptoms: high temperature, new continuous cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • Only one person at a time in the glassed-in lobby that houses the fridge, and no children
  • When you are finished, please leave the church and parking area promptly.

Volunteers will also be cleaning more regularly with Milton fluid, which kills viruses as well as bacteria.

Click the Facebook sign and ‘like’ the page for regular updates on the contents of the fridge.  Click below for more information:

Thank you to the Sprout, the Coop and Rowse for funding; and to Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Pickle & Lime for providing food.  The Botley community fridge is managed by a wonderful group of volunteers who check it on a daily basis.  Volunteer info.

Riki would be happy to talk to you if you are thinking of setting up your own community fridge:

Thank you so much for your lovely email and helpful attachments…  I’m delighted (and excited) to confirm that the members agreed to run with the community fridge project…  Speaking to yourself and Clare made all the difference and it certainly helped me to be able to share your advice and experiences…  thanks again for your help.  Ali. Oakridge Baptist Church, High Wycombe.”

Contact Riki at 07759 135811 or

Please see the ‘Botley community fridge’ blog on the right for the story of the fridge so far.