Support for other organisations

Food for Charity’s main aim is to help people to set up FfC type organisations, either from scratch or as an extension of other activities (e.g. food bank).

Below are some documents that you might find helpful.  Insert your organisation’s name and/or amend as you see fit.  Contact us if you want any help or additional information.

How food banks can get surplus food

Safety information – What is ‘use by’, ‘best before’ etc.; and how to move food safely

Supplier agreement – Draft agreement between you and the food supplier

Recipient agreement – Draft agreement between you and the charity that receives the food

Food for Charity constitution – A model for setting up a new FfC charity.  Charitable status is required by many food suppliers

Volunteer induction manual – Banbury FfC’s induction manual, including practical information about timing, dealing with management issues etc.  We strongly recommend that you have a volunteer code of conduct from the start.




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