Botley Bikers

Oxford Homeless Guide by Fynn Baring, April 2022

The Botley Bikers is a group of cyclists who go out several times per week to deliver food and toiletries to people experiencing homelessness and vulnerable housing in Oxford. We focus on healthy food (milk, fruit, veg, eggs, bread, cheese) but also deliver tinned food, sweets, wipes, women’s hygiene products and other toiletries. Last year we delivered more than 3000 pieces of fruit and 2000 pints of milk! At the moment we are going out Thursdays 4-6pm and Sundays 3-5pm.

On the first and third Tuesday of the month, 4:30-6pm, we also go to St. Giles with a car full of clothes and food, that people experiencing homelessness can take for free:

We need more volunteers! Robust sense of humour essential. For the Thur/Sun bicycle sessions, you’ll also need to be able to cycle. For the Tue car sessions, only the sense of humour required. Please contact or 07759 135811 if you would like to go out with us for a trial run.

The Botley Bikers are supported by

plus donations at Waitrose and the Coop, plus a range of much-appreciated grants and individual donations.