Leys community larder

The Leys community larder runs on Wednesdays 3-5pm at the Blackbird Leys community centre, Oxford OX4 6HW. 

The Leys community larder is a food club where members receive access to a cafe, reduced cost on some utilities, information on food, and LOTS of food.  Membership is £10 registration plus £3.50/week direct debit for individuals or £7.00/week for a family: you do not have to be on benefits to be a member.  Individuals get up to 10 items of food plus free fruit/veg every week, and families up to 20 items of food plus free fruit/veg.  To register, see www.sofea.uk.com.


If you want to find out more or become a member, just come along when the larder is open.

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