6 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. I’ve been going to Bbl community larder every wens for 4 weeks now decided don’t want to go anymore as don’t like waiting outside for ages as the queue is long people getting there at 2 it’s a jokes so I’ve decided to cancel my direct debit as it’s been 4 weeks now how do I do it they haven’t yet took last 4 weeks money don’t want it to go into another week


    • Sue, I already mentioned this to you on the phone, but this is for anyone else who might read this message. There are no queues from about 3:45pm, and the range of food available is only slightly more limited then. There is no need to queue!


  2. Hi I have food bank delivered to me on Thursdays it’s such a great help thanks I love it but for this week can I not have it please thanks so much.


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