Money to buy FareShare food for the Leys community fridge

Thank you very much to Good Food Oxford for almost £400, a private donation of £250, and £1000 from the Doris Field charitable fund.  Together, they will allow us to buy FareShare food for the Leys community fridge.

FareShare pick up surplus food from wholesalers, unpack and pack it at their regional depots, and deliver it to their recipients.  They charge a bit under £100 per month to pay for their depot and transport.  In return, we will get 50kg of food per week delivered to the community fridge.

We are in the process of figuring out how best to dispense that food, i.e. whether directly through the fridge, or whether to set up a membership-based system where people can buy bags of FareShare food at discounted rates.  Watch this space.

But in the meanwhile, thank you again to the donors that are allowing this to take place.

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