First meeting, volunteer induction and mock larder

Our first meeting about a Leys community larder was on 11 September 2019.  The aim was to gauge if there was interest in the idea, and possibly to recruit volunteers.  About 25 people showed up to the first meeting and half a dozen possible volunteers emerged.

From then on things moved very quickly.

We had a volunteer induction on 25 September, led by Claire Hughes.  The volunteers learned about how Sofea operates, where the food comes from, what kind of food would be provided etc.  We agreed that the volunteers would get red T shirts with logos.  Volunteers get a free membership.

The next week we had a ‘mock larder’.  Sofea brought some food, we learned how to set it up on the tables and how to keep it off the ground; how to get people signed up; how to deal with some possible problems… and possible future larder members were invited to visit the mock larder and sign up.


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