Food parcels for the Gatehouse

Food for Charities has just handed out 58 food parcels to guests of the Gatehouse.  The Gatehouse is a soup kitchen that normally serves 60-70 guests per day, but it will be shut for the next fortnight, hence the need for the food parcels.  Each parcel contained three tins of baked beans, one tin of spaghetti and one of soup, 10 tea bags, two sweets, a fork or spoon, and information about other places in Oxford that people can get food.


A few people said that the bags were too heavy to carry, and a few didn’t want them because they had no way of heating up the food (and like it hot).  But in most cases the bags were very gratefully received.

Eggs eggs eggs

Thank you to the Pig Place in Adderbury who gave us 690 hen eggs and 180 duck eggs from the beautiful free-range birds.  They’re just starting to lay and the eggs don’t have a Lion mark, but so far almost half have gone: to the Foyer in Banbury, O’Hanlon House and the Botley community fridge.  We’ll bring the rest around to charities this week.