Organising the deliveries

Two weeks ago the Botley community fridge delivered food parcels to 249 people who are in need and/or self-isolating. This past week we delivered to 350 people, including 191 on our first big weekly Thursday delivery. We also delivered about 200 pieces of fruit to the Oxford youth hostel where a lot of homeless people are staying at the moment.  So far, we have 50% more households booked for next Thursday’s weekly delivery than last week’s.

The way the delivery organisation works is:

People request a food parcel via a form that then gets put into a spreadsheet:



Based on this, Rita makes up separate delivery routes, including a logical sequence of deliveries:


The drivers have been finding Rita’s planning really helpful:

“My route worked brilliantly on Thursday, very logical route, thanks Rita”

“I’ve really appreciated the careful way those driver lists are put together so thank you Rita”.


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