First weekly food deliveries

On 9 April we had our first weekly food delivery: 60 households, 150 parcels, 105 loo rolls courtesy of North Hinksey Parish Council, and 191 Easter eggs (one per person) courtesy of Aldi… plus 20 parcels for the Witney community frige and 20 for the West Oxford community centre… all packed by 5 volunteers and delivered by 14 others.

Each driver got a GDPR form to get permission from food recipients so that we can pass their details on to SOFEA, who provided the bulk of the food parcels.  The form also specified how many SOFEA bags (S), how many Botley bags (B) and how many Easter eggs (one per person).


It all went like clockwork, helped by the fact that the good weather allowed us to do everything outside… except that the Easter eggs started melting in the strong sunshine, so we had to shade them, at times with our bodies, until the drivers could arrive.

We set up one pile for each driver, as shown below.  Next week we’ll experiment with the drivers picking the correct number of SOFEA and Botley parcels (and loo rolls) themselves so that we don’t need to make up the piles for them… unavoidable really with the first delivery, what with Easter eggs etc.

One delivery pile


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