Botley community fridge becomes one of Oxford’s three formal food parcel delivery hubs

From Monday 19 May, the Botley community fridge has become one of Oxford’s three formal food parcel delivery hubs, serving OX1 and OX2. That has meant some restructuring, with our OX3 and OX4 recipients going to the Rose Hill hub; and Rose Hill’s OX1 and OX2 recipients coming to us. We’ve lost about 40 households, including some large families, and have gained about 50 households, many single-person.

The packers and drivers are missing ‘their’ OX3 and OX4 families, but it means that delivery rounds will be much more efficient, saving time and fuel.

We have been providing a more comprehensive service than the other hubs, with additional food on Thursdays; and the Monday run of nappies, milk and extra food for large families. To help make up for this, we have donated about £1100 worth of nappies to the Rose Hill hub, which will hopefully keep on distributing to our formal recipients.

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