Virtual fridge

The virtual fridge events are going really well, with several crates of food going at each session.  A local resident has organised a rota of volunteers to run the fridge; the local Manna Cafe is holding onto the food in between volunteers picking it up and other volunteers running the fridge; and care packages are being distributed during the fridge events.

So far we have received the surplus food from Turl Street Kitchen as it was shutting for the coronavirus duration; and have been promised the surplus food from St. Edward’s School.

People taking the food have been very generous with donations: we have collected about £30 so far to go towards hand sanitiser.  We had to buy 5 litres for £99.95, but have sold 3 litres at cost to the Abingdon and Witney fridges and a church-run cafe, leaving us with 2 litres and £40 cost.

I have also been getting multiple requests for food parcels.  So far the Food for Charities supplies are holding, but at some point the donations will be used to buy food for food parcels.


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