Food parcels etc.

We’ve received a lot of non-perishables that were left over from the Leys community larder.  Abuot a dozen food parcels have been handed out, either at the virtual fridge events or delivered by volunteers.

People have been responding to Facebook requests.  Yesterday a young family needed size 1 and 5 nappies and baby food, and within hours two people had brought nappies to the virtual fridge.  They will be delivered by another volunteer later today.

It’s lovely to see the community banding together like this.


2 thoughts on “Food parcels etc.

  1. Hi Sharon,
    Yes please! The family that needed them has received their parcel, but I’m sure that more requests for nappies will come through. Could you bring them to the virtual fridge (in front of the Botley library) next Mon-Fri 12-1 or Sat 10:30-11:30? Else I can pick them up.
    Could you please email reply to
    Thank you very much. Rikiu


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